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Choosing a coquitlam locksmith for your home, you have to be very meticulous because this thing is going to protect your family and possessions from thieves. The more rigorously you choose the lock, the higher the chances that you will be satisfied with your choice. There is a number of major criteria in choosing the best door lock:

  1. First and foremost, we install locks to protect our homes, offices, and safes from intrusion. Hence, it must be dependable.
  2. Locks are not cheap and you have to understand that if it breaks you will have to pay money either for the old lock being repaired or for a new one being installed. Never economize on locks: the more you pay in the shop, the less you will spend on locksmith services.
  3. Every lock has its cost and usually the higher it is the better the lock is. Top-level security systems and locks may cost you a pretty penny, but in return, you get peacefulness and safety.
  4. Area of usage. You probably agree that the interior door lock doesn’t need to be as protected as your front door. Actually, there are three categories of locks according to the place of their upcoming function:
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  • Entry door lock. It has to maintain the safety of your property and possess high endurance. For this aim, the best choice is a deadbolt, which can be of different grades (from 1 to 3) depending on its level of security. Of course, you may also use a mortise lock, a Yale lock, Scandinavian, or a sash lock (the choice is immense) but it may lower the level of security.
  • Privacy door locks. These are locks closing your bathroom and bedroom doors. There is no need to use top-level security locks there. The only really important criterion for these locks is their durability.
  • Passage door locks. They are used only occasionally, so there is no need to overpay for these locks. In this case, you may be ruled by the design of the lock that will suit your interior.
  1. Type of the door. There are some functional restrictions when we talk about sliding or French doors or doors locksmith made of There are special locks for them. You cannot install some kinds of ordinary mechanisms on these doors.
  2. Somebody may say it’s not important, but actually it is. An ugly lock can spoil even the best door. Fortunately, the choice of shapes and finishes of locks Coquitlam impresses. You may choose any color and style (from classics to high-tech) to make your door lock match the interior.

The choice won’t be easy, but we hope that our criteria will help you to pick the best option for your home.

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